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Etno selo Sirogojno

Smeštajni objekti

Sirogojno je udaljeno 26 km od Zlatibora. Poznato je po muzeju pod otvorenim nebom “Staro selo” i čuvenim pletiljama. Tokom sezone u selu se organizuju brojni likovni, muzički, i književni susreti, izložbe, predavanja i letnje škole.
Turisti se mogu smestiti u oko 30 ležaja u etno selu, 20 ležaja u Sirogojno kompani .

About the Museum

Building skills and interior facilitation, as well as the way of organizing business and family life of people in the hilly - mountainous areas of the Dinar region are presented in 55 buildings (of which 32 are in permanent museum exhibition) which are relocated from mt Zlatibor’s villages.

The process of transfer, setting-up and reconstruction of Zlatibor log cabins in the "Old Village" was initiated by architect Ranko Findrik and the Republic Institute for Protection of Cultural Heritage in 1980. The initiative came from the organization of handicrafts from Sirogojno and realized by the persistence of Mrs. Dobrila Vasiljević – Smiljanić, engaging of the ethnologist, Mrs. Bosa Rosić, competent national institutions and numerous collaborators.

Within the protected whole, for further storage and presentation, the institution of the Open-air Museum was constituted in 1992; it performs its activities in accordance with the provisions of the ICOM Declaration and the basic principles of European skansenology.